Punching the Air with Art

West Midlands
Event date/time
23 April, 11:00am
Event location

South Loop Park,
Rotton Park Street
B16 0AE


“Don’t ever stop dreaming big
But for now, put that dream on paper
It’s easier to carry around…”

To celebrate World Book Night, we invite you to explore how we use art as a tool for liberation with Birmingham artists Juice Aleem and ReRe.

Pick up a copy of this award winning book and participate in a creative workshop where we explore what and who makes us as individuals and as a collective.

Juice will live create a bold piece that echoes the emotion and power of Amal Shahid’s story, as told in Punching The Air. Artist, ReRe will join us for a portrait painting workshop around themes of the book. Come along to make your own portrait and add words and quotes to your work of art.

Together, through art and conversation we reflect on identity and the factors that makes us who we are as individuals and collectively and ask what and where are our safe and just spaces?