Black Liver in ‘Support Your Local Library! A Gothic Pub Rock Opera’

North West
Event date/time
21 April, 7:00pm
Event location
Blackpool Central Library

Blackpool Central Library
Queen Street,


Ruth is from Blackpool, Keith is from Liverpool, they is Black Liver…

‘Support Your Local Library! A Gothic Pub Rock Opera’ is a musical comedy thriller with a cast of Hollywood superstars and Rock god legends celebrating a British institution… all performed by two people.

Behind the show is the fictional story of Black Liver; desperate to escape the living hell that is the tribute act circuit, they are making a bid for the West End with this musical…it’s their last chance for success before the bell tolls last orders.

With this silly, uplifting, satirical show about class, local politics and social climbing, Black Liver ask the question, ‘What brings us together? And what keeps us apart?’ And is education to be favoured or feared?

And, of course, how important your local library is; what it can provide for you, how it can help and inspire you. And how you should not let these public institutions disappear.

This show will not save the word, but it will make you laugh and consider how we interact with each other, what unites us and hopefully nip into your local library and see what’s inside.