The Big Book Giveaway

This is a closed event and not open to the public.

South West
Event date/time
23 April, 9:00am
Event location
St Austell

We are lucky enough to be an institutional giver so our books to give away is Tony Parson’s “Die Last” published by Penguin Randon House. These have been distributed across the 9 Learning Centres of the Cornwall College Group. Each Learning Centre will be doing something different. Here at Cornwall College St Austell we will be:
Giving copies to the following places to distribute:
STAK – St Austell Food Kitchen
St Austell Swap Shop & Clothing Bank
Cosgarne Hall – a homeless shelter
Street Vets – who work with the pets of the homeless
We will also be holding our own Big Book Giveaway in the canteen of the college giving away books that have been donated to giveaway on the day.