World Book Night at Yeovil College, Somerset

South West
Event date/time
23 April, 9:00am
Event location

Yeovil College

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Aimed at all students at all levels, from pre-entry to higher education.
Supported by our L3 Media work experience student, who will write for our blog about the day and also create World Book Night book marks for every book to remind everyone to share and pass on their book to another read.
Lunch time give away of our World Book Night books in ‘The Spot’ (further education student social and support area) and our Higher education lounge
Lunch time give away of our World Book Night books in Da Vinci (our student restaurant)
Lunch time -50 great fiction reads (including quick reads) -display and borrowing stand in The Spot
‘Love to Read’ promotion (fiction and leisure reading) via staff association well being team. Including World Book Night give away in the staff lounge over lunch time
‘Classroom visits’ -targeting our GCSE English learners. World Book night give aways.
‘Classroom visits’ targeting our ESOL students in the evening. World book night give aways.
10 World Book Night books ‘saved’ for our book club students, who will read and blog about it. Then give away to follow students, with the aim to attract more book clubbers!