What the Dog Knows: scent, science, and the amazing ways dogs perceive the world

Cat Warren

Non-fiction · Great for: Dog-lovers and fans of true crime

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A New York Times-bestselling book about the extraordinary abilities of man’s best friend. When Cat Warren adopted Solo, an unruly German shepherd puppy, she soon began to wonder what she’d let herself in for. Solo’s boundless energy was what made him loveable – but it also made him exhausting, and difficult to train. Then she struck upon an idea: what Solo needed was something to do. Like many dogs, Solo was destined to work: using his nose to help the police locate missing people. In this lively, accessible book, Warren details Solo’s journey from troublesome pup to expert cadaver dog, and explores the fascinating hidden world of animals that do essential work and the handlers who train them.

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A perfect read for any dog-lover - this is a fascinating guide to the reasons our partnership with working dogs is woven into our society, and how we're constantly finding uses for the wonderful noses of our four-legged friends.