Terms and conditions

General volunteer terms and conditions:

  • By registering your interest to give books on World Book Night on behalf of your organisation, you agree to being contacted by The Reading Agency about World Book Night and other associated literary and literacy programmes and news
  • Those giving books on World Book Night (“the volunteer”) must be 16 or over on 23 April 2024 and must be resident within the UK or Ireland
  • The volunteer should take account of health and safety considerations when planning how to give the books, World Book Night accepts no responsibility for this
  • Volunteers aged between 16 to 18 must give their books in a safe environment such as a school or workplace rather than in a public place
  • Anyone under the age of 16 to whom the books might be given by volunteers of any age should be accompanied by a responsible adult at the time of giving
  • By agreeing to give out books for World Book Night you agree to commit to:

  • Give out the books on or around 23 April to those who don’t regularly read, adhering as best you the information you gave us when you you applied to be a volunteer
  • Help share your love of reading to inspire others in your community to read more
  • Terms and conditions for giving within organisations and institutions

  • The World Book Night books will be delivered direct to your organisation’s address, or in some cases to your agreed collection point, by the book’s publishers. It will be your responsibility to distribute the books thereafter. Details will be shared with the publishers for delivery purposes only and will not be used for any other purpose
  • Any expenses incurred in distributing the World Book Night books are your responsibility
  • The Reading Agency will do everything in our power to ensure that books arrive on time but can take no responsibility for books after they have left the publisher’s distribution centre and will not be liable in any way for any losses or damages. If deliveries are postponed for any reason, The Reading Agency will contact the relevant organisations.
  • Terms and conditions for giving books of your choice

  • When giving out books of your own choice you commit to not giving books as part of World Book Night which are overtly religious or political in nature or content or which could offend the recipient
  • You must provide the books you give away. You can give out new books, second-hand ones, or ones from your own book shelves