The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

John Le Carre, William Boyd, John Le Carre


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Alex Leamas is tired. It’s the 1960s, he’s been out in the cold for years, spying in the shadow of the Berlin Wall for his British masters. He has seen too many good agents murdered for their troubles. Now Control wants to bring him in at last – but only after one final assignment.

He must travel deep into the heart of Communist Germany and betray his country, a job that he will do with his usual cynical professionalism. But when George Smiley tries to help a young woman Leamas has befriended, Leamas’s mission may prove to be the worst thing he could ever have done.

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold is one of the most popular and influential spy novels in literary history, and its success upon publication in 1963 earned John Le Carré acclaim rivalled only by Ian Fleming.

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One of the most popular and influential spy novels in history with a riveting plot that will have you gripped from the outset.