5 Bookshops to Visit Before You Die

19 May 2023

For bibliophiles (also known as book lovers) there’s nothing quite like a bookshop. It’s always exciting when you’re holding a new book in your hands, keen to follow the adventures within. If you’re looking to get into reading, you’ve got all this to look forward to. But almost as important as the book you buy, is where you buy it from. Perhaps as somebody looking to get into reading, the bookshop you visit might help inspire you on your reading journey. We’re here to get you inspired with some wonderful bookshops.

Waterstones, Gower Street – London

A familiar name to start with first since there’s a Waterstones on most high streets. Perhaps the most famous is the one on Piccadilly, Europe’s largest bookshop with over eight miles of bookshelves. The branch on Gower Street, however, as a quirkiness to it that sets it apart from other Waterstones. Not only does it have hidden gems on its shelves but a record shop in its basement!

Daunt Books, Marylebone High Street – London

Perhaps the UK’s most famous independent bookshop, Daunt Books, is well worth a look. Specialising in travel writing, but offering a fine selection of other genres too, the shop is renowned for its character. Wooden balconies and a vast skylight make Daunt Books a bookshop readers love to visit.

Shakespeare and Co – Paris

Take a trip across the channel to one of the world’s most famous cities and along the bank of the Seine you will find Shakespeare and Co. The English language bookshop opposite Notre Dame is famous for offering free accommodation to people known as ‘Tumbleweeds’. If assist in the daily running of the shop. Of course, if you’d prefer, you can just drop in for a browse instead. Offering a fine selection of new and second-hand books, if you want to visit a bookshop quite like no other, Shakespeare and Co is the place to go!

The Strand Bookstore – New York City

Housing over two-and-a-half million books, The Strand Book Store can be found at 828 Broadway in Manhattan, New York. A family-owned business since 1927 and declared to be the ‘king of the city’s independent bookstores’ by The New York Times, it has appeared in numerous films and TV shows. If visiting the Big Apple, consider putting The Strand Book Store on your ‘To Do’ list!

Ateneo Grand Splendid – Buenos Aires

The Ateneo Grand Splendid was once a theatre and cinema before transforming into the most majestic of bookshops. Retaining most of the features of its theatrical history, it has been called ‘the world’s most beautiful bookstore’ by National Geographic. With over a million visitors annually, it’s no surprise that this bookshop features on this list!

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