World Book Night offers the perfect opportunity for you to celebrate with your existing library users, bring new people into the library and engage with the community.

Download resources including an activity toolkit.

How to celebrate

We want to create a nation of readers, so when planning your celebration, think about how you can reach new audiences who don’t yet use the library.

  • Membership drive
    Take a stall out into the local community or to a partner organisation to sign people up to the library for the first time.
  • Host an event
    Organise a quiz night, murder mystery, storytelling session, or invite an author into your library.
  • Book clubs
    Invite your book clubs in to meet each other and share their recommendations, creating a reading community.
  • Join in the #ReadingHour
    Encourage people to dedicate time to reading from 7⁠–8pm on 23 April and join in the conversation online.