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World Book Night 23 April 2016

World Book Night is an annual celebration of reading and books that takes place on 23 April. It sees passionate volunteers give out hundreds of thousands of books in their communities to share their love of reading with people who don’t read regularly or own books. World Book Night is run by The Reading Agency, a national charity that inspires people to become confident and enthusiastic readers to help give them an equal chance in life.


The World Book Night titles for 2016 are here!

World Book Night 2016 officially kicks off today in the UK and Ireland with the announcement of the 15 titles to be g... read more »

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World Book Night a catalyst for change, report finds

The celebratory nature of World Book Night and the delight at receiving a free book has had an overwhelmingly positiv... read more »

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World Book Night 2015 impact evaluation - interim report

This is the first, interim report published as part of a large-scale independent impact evaluation, conducted by Free... read more »

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