Here are our 20 books for World Book Night 2015! Click on a cover image to find out more about that book.

How we choose the books

We are committed to reaching the 35% of the UK’s population who don’t regularly read for pleasure or own books.

When choosing the World Book Night titles, what we look for in books is simple – good, enjoyable, highly readable books with strong compelling narratives. When considering our list we’re looking also look to include books across a variety of genres, fiction and non-fiction as well as books aimed at young adults.

Our editorial committee meets in September to consider the books publishers have submitted and the results of a survey of our volunteers to come up with a list of 20 fantastic reads that will inspire readers and non-readers alike. The panel is made up of book industry professionals, librarians, World Book Night volunteers and our staff.

This year we asked previous World book Night volunteers what book they would, or did, recommend to get people to love reading. Nearly 5000 of you responded, and we got some amazing ideas.

Rachel Joyce is on our 2015 list and was suggested by World Book Night volunteers.