Get involved

World Book Night is heading in an exciting new direction. This year, we would like to work more closely with organisations to match books with new readers. We want to give books to targeted audiences, aligned with The Reading Agency’s range of work with adults and young people.

Image of readers

These are the groups we would like to reach:

  • Isolated and vulnerable older people;
  • Less confident adult readers or those who don’t read for pleasure
  • LGBT groups
  • Men and women of all ages in prisons;
  • People with mental health issues;
  • Parents and vulnerable pregnant women;
  • Young people who don’t read for pleasure;

To help spread the joy of reading on World Book Night you can:

  • Give out World Book Night books on behalf of an organisation or institution Please note; organisations will be contacted directly about how to do this
  • Give out your own choice of book, which you provide, and tell us about it via our Goodreads shelf
  • Host a World Book Night event, using our activity pack and array of resources

You can find out more in our FAQs section.

However you get involved, please join our band of volunteers all helping more people to get reading on World Book Night 2017. Because everything changes when we read.

We hope you enjoy taking part in World Book Night 2017 and are inspired to help get people into reading at other times in the year, helping us to build a reading nation.