Get involved

World Book Night 2018 will take place on 23 April, and you can get involved! Once again we’ll be working closely with organisations up and down the country to distribute our brilliant books to new readers. If you work for a library, prison, college, care home, youth centre or other organisation who can reach people who don’t regularly read, you can apply here.

We want to give books to targeted groups of people The Reading Agency reaches through its work, including less confident adult readers or those who don’t read for pleasure, isolated and vulnerable older people, people in UK prisons, people with mental health issues, parents and vulnerable pregnant women, and young people who don’t read for pleasure.

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To help spread the joy of reading on World Book Night you can:

You can find out more in our FAQs section.

However you get involved, please join us to help more people to get reading on World Book Night 2018. Because everything changes when we read.