Queen's Gambit

Elizabeth Fremantle

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Thirty-one and twice widowed, Katherine Parr must return to court – where an aging King Henry VIII has just had his fifth wife beheaded, and is searching for a sixth. As those around her scheme and plot on behalf of the king, Katherine falls for seductive Thomas Seymour, but her hopes of marrying for love are dashed when Henry dispatches Seymour abroad and makes Katherine his queen. Now Katherine must use all her instincts to survive…

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Katherine Parr was the final wife of the tyrannical and spouse-slaying King Henry VIII, and the only one of his six wives to survive beheading or escape divorce. Tudor England comes to life in this rich drama told through the eyes of clever Katherine, her stepdaughter Margaret and her maid, Dot, and will be perfect for anyone who loved the BBC’s The White Queen and The Tudors.