Elif Shafak

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Leaving her twin sister behind, Pembe leaves Turkey for love – following her husband Adem to London. There the Topraks hope to make new lives for themselves and their children. Yet, no matter how far they travel, the traditions and beliefs the Topraks left behind stay with them – carried in the blood. Their eldest is the boy Iskender, who remembers Turkey and feels betrayal deeper than most. His sister is Esma, who is loyal and true despite the pain and heartache. And, lastly, Yunus, who was born in London, and is shy and different.

Trapped by the mistakes of the past, the Toprak children find their lives shattered and transformed by a brutal act of murder…

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Elif Shafak handles the sad and shocking subject of honour killings with delicacy and incredible skill in this stunningly powerful novel. It’s expertly constructed and explores the tragic inevitability of mistakes repeated as they echo through generations and tear apart lives and families. We think this is a brilliant and important book that should be shared and brought to new readers.