Practical Zen: Meditation and Beyond

Julian Daizan Skinner

Non-fiction · Great for: Anyone looking for a practical way to find peace

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Zen master Julian Daizan Skinner guides the reader through a sequence of meditation techniques that can safely lead even a complete novice through to advanced levels.

Based on his own long experience of the Rinzai Zen tradition, as taught by the great seventeenth-century masters, Hakuin and Bankei, Daizan highlights the key points for success and addresses the pitfalls.

Structured around a traditional teaching framework called “The two wings of a bird,” Daizan clearly lays-out how these methods build and combine to create a transformative and sustaining practice.

The book contains an extremely useful section describing the experiences of western practitioners who have successfully applied this framework within the pressures of modern life.

The final section features key source texts in translation, making the book a complete introduction and guide to Zen meditation.

The work of a master, the book speaks at a deep level, with utmost simplicity.

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An informative book that will introduce you to meditation, teaching you practical ways to quieten your mind.