Taking Up Space: The Black Girl's Manifesto for Change

Chelsea Kwakye, Ore Ogunbiyi

Essays · Great for: Adults and young adults exploring identity, fans of Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race and Slay in Your Lane

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As a minority in a predominantly white institution, taking up space is an act of resistance.

Recent Cambridge grads Chelsea and Ore experienced this first-hand, and wrote Taking Up Space as a guide and a manifesto for change.

FOR BLACK GIRLS: Understand that your journey is unique. Use this book as a guide. Our wish for you is that you read this and feel empowered, comforted and validated in every emotion you experience, or decision that you make.

FOR EVERYONE ELSE: We can only hope that reading this helps you to be a better friend, parent, sibling or teacher to black girls living through what we did.

It’s time we stepped away from seeing this as a problem that black people are charged with solving on their own. It’s a collective effort. And everyone has a role to play. Featuring honest conversations with students past and present, Taking Up Space goes beyond the buzzwords of diversity and inclusion and explores what those words truly mean for young black girls today.

What we think of this book & ideas for gifting

A frank, inspiring and empowering book about the experiences of young black women at university. Essential reading for young people about to start university and their parents, and anyone who wants to explore identity and educate themselves.