World Book Night offers the perfect opportunity for you to celebrate with your existing customers, bring new people into your shop and engage with the community.

You could host an author for the evening, hold a book-themed party or any other kind of event either on or around 23 April.

Use our bookshop toolkit for ideas on how you can celebrate

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Using the booklist

The World Book Night list offers the perfect selection of books to offer your customers. We’ve worked with publishers to put together a really exciting and engaging list. There’s something on here for everyone, including fiction, non-fiction and books aimed at teens and young adults.

You can use the booklist to create displays in your shop, using the resources from our website to make it eye-catching.

There are different ways that you can use World Book Night as both a commercial and charitable opportunity for your shop:

1. Buy a book to give away

Encourage shoppers to buy a book to give to someone else. This might be a friend, family member or even a stranger on the street! World Book Night is all about sharing the joy of reading, and there’s no better gift than a book.

2. Donating books to local organisations

As part of World Book Night, we work with publishers to donate books to organisations around the country that can reach non-readers, lapsed readers and those who don’t have access to books. Bookshops can help us to reach even more people, by giving books that people have donated to local organisations. This is the perfect opportunity to free up space in store by donating books that haven’t been bought.

You can also encourage people to buy a book that you will then keep and donate to a local organisation, to still make the sale.

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