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27 April 2023

So, you’re on the Road to Reading but you’re spoiled for choice and have no idea what to read! Here’s some advice – read about what you like! Do you enjoy crime dramas on TV? We have a recommendation or two for you. Or perhaps you like cookery shows? We have just the book for you. Whatever your interests, there’ll be something for you in this year’s list of World Book Night books. Still unsure of what exactly you’re looking for? Let’s see if we can lend a hand.

If you like ‘The Repair Shop’, then try Making It by Jay Blades.

‘The Repair Shop’ on BBC One has become a phenomenon. Watching people’s damaged heirlooms being repaired by expert restorers might not sound that engaging to some, but the winning combination of the stories behind the items and the charisma of the show’s presenter Jay Blades have ensured that the show has become must-watch television.

Jay Blades brings this same charisma to his book. In this inspirational memoir, he writes about his own ‘repair job.’ Jay struggles with reading and has recently presented a BBC documentary called ‘Learning to Read at 51’ about these struggles. It’s not only the story he tells that grabs you. It’s the understanding of both the hard work that has gone into the writing of Making It and the desire to help others ‘make it’ themselves.

If you like ‘Line of Duty’, then try The Patient by Tim Sullivan.

If you’ve enjoyed the Brighton-set crime drama ‘Grace’ on ITV, there’s a whole series of books written by Peter James to discover, including Wish You Were Dead, which appears on this year’s World Book Night list.

However, if you’re keen to meet your new favourite detective instead, how about DS George Cross in The Patient by Tim Sullivan? He’s rude, difficult, and awkward with people but his unfailing logic and intense pursuit of the truth ensures that he’s just as engaging as other detectives you’ve seen on TV. There’s also a whole series of these books to discover. Maybe you’ll find yourself bingeing on books as well as TV shows soon!

If you like ‘Saturday Morning Kitchen’, then try Feel Good Food by Joe Wicks.

Ah, cookery shows. You watch, mouth open and consider making the delicious dishes yourself, but never get round to it. There’re no excuses now because, in Feel Good Food, Joe Wicks has assembled recipes that are not only ‘tasty and packed with flavour’ but ‘simple and quick.’ They’re also ‘full of awesome nutrition,’ so while you’re keeping your mind healthy through reading, why not keep your body healthy too through cooking?

There’s a lot more to check out on our World Book Night booklist than the few examples above. If your interests or favourite TV shows haven’t featured yet, here are some extra recommendations for you to consider:

  • If you like ‘Riverdale’, then try This Book Kills by Ravena Guron – for those who love a thrilling murder mystery.
  • If you like ‘Queer Eye’ then try This Monk Wears Heels: Be Who You Are by Kodo Nishimura – for those looking for support and encouragement to be themselves.
  • If you like ‘Father Brown’, then try The Trust – for those who love a cosy mystery.


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