I Can't Begin to Tell You

Elizabeth Buchan

Historical fiction · Great for: Anyone who loved The Imitation Game & spy dramas

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When the Nazis invade Denmark, British-born Kay Eberstern is sickened when Bror – her husband of twenty-five years – collaborates with the enemy to save his family home. Lured by British Intelligence into a covert world of resistance, her life in the hands of London’s code breakers, Kay’s betrayal of her husband is complete as she risks her home and children to protect an SOE agent who won’t even tell her his name.

As her family – especially her headstrong daughter – is drawn further into danger, Kay is faced with a wrenching moral dilemma. Who will be sacrificed next for the cause? Can she and Bror ever find their way back to one another?

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A powerful story set in World War II England and Denmark, this compelling novel covers code-cracking, fearless women taking on brave new roles, loyalty and love. A wonderful piece of historical fiction perfect for anyone interested in the incredible goings-on at Bletchley Park during the war, and The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch.