Whispering Shadows

Jan-Philipp Sendker

Fiction in translation / thriller · Great for: Fans of cinematic thrillers and neo-noir

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Paul Leibovitz was once an ambitious advisor, dedicated father, and loving husband. But after living for nearly thirty years in Hong Kong, personal tragedy strikes and Paul’s marriage unravels in the fallout. When he makes a fleeting connection with Elizabeth, a distressed American woman on the verge of collapse, his life is thrown into turmoil. Less than twenty-four hours later, Elizabeth’s son is found dead in Shenzhen, and Paul, invigorated by a newfound purpose, sets out to investigate the murder on his own.

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The first in a gripping new trilogy, this is a suspense-filled story following an American journalist-turned detective who tries to crack a murder case in contemporary China as he battles his own personal demons. Perfect for fans of cinematic thrillers and neo-noir.