A Baby at the Beach Café

Lucy Diamond

Quick Reads (Women's fiction) · Great for: Expectant mums who might like a restful read

About this book

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A Baby at the Beach Café is an engaging short story follow-up to Lucy Diamond’s bestselling novel The Beach Café. Evie loves running her beach cafe in Cornwall but with a baby on the way, she’s been told to put her feet up. Let someone else take over? Not likely.

Helen’s come to Cornwall to escape the stress of city living. She hopes a seaside life will be the answer to all her dreams. When she sees a job advertised at the café it sounds perfect. But the two women clash and sparks fly… and then events take a dramatic turn. Can the pair of them put aside their differences in a crisis?

What we think of this book & ideas for gifting

This is a charming, accessible story written for pregnant women and young mothers who may not find themselves with much time or the confidence to read. Give this to expectant mums who might enjoy its hilarious narrator, Evie, and may then feel inspired to read to their own children.