You Think You Know Me

Ayaan Mohamud

Fiction · Great for: Young people looking to make their voices be heard

About this book

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A stunning debut about finding the strength to speak up against hate and fear, for fans of The Hate U Give and I Am Thunder. People like me are devils before we are angels. Hanan has always been good and quiet. She accepts her role as her school’s perfect Muslim poster girl.

She ignores the racist bullies. A closed mouth is gold – it helps you get home in one piece. Then her friend is murdered and every Muslim is to blame. The world is angry at us again. How can she stay silent while her family is ripped apart?

It’s time for Hanan to stop being the quiet, good girl.

It’s time for her to stand up and shout.

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Ayaan Mohamud's debut novel inspires YA readers with its theme of perseverance in the face of the worst of obstacles.