Choose your next book

15 December 2022

Do you need help choosing your next book?

The World Book Night booklist is full of recommendations for young people and adults alike. But how you do know which one to choose?

We’ve separated the list out into categories to help you pick a book. Whether you like fast-paced thrillers, real life stories, or are looking for something to help you make positive changes to your life, now you can find your perfect book.

If you’re new to reading, or short on time, you can also explore Quick Reads – short books and great stories written by bestselling authors.

Real Lives

Real stories from real people – find out about their experiences.

Crime and thriller

Action-packed thrillers, police procedurals, cosy crime and mysteries. These books are for the detectives among us!

Feel Good

Looking for a delicious meal, a pick-me-up or a bit of advice? Turn to these to put a smile on your face.

Great Stories

Sometimes we just need a really great story to pass the time and escape the worries of everyday life. These books are all very different, but all fantastic reads.

Young Adult

A selection of books perfect for any age, but suitable for readers aged 14+.

If you’re still not sure which book to read, email us at, or message us on Twitter or Facebook. We’re happy to help!


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