Brown Baby

Nikesh Shukla, Himesh Patel

Memoir, audiobook · Great for: People exploring identity and what it means to live in Britain

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How do you find hope and even joy in a world that is racist, sexist and facing climate crisis? How do you prepare your children for it, but also fill them with all the boundlessness and eccentricity that they deserve and that life has to offer

In Brown Baby Nikesh Shukla explores themes of racism, feminism, parenting and our shifting ideas of home. With writing that will both fill and open your heart, this by turns, heartbreaking, hilariously funny and intensely relatable memoir is dedicated to the author’s two young daughters, and is in remembrance of the grandmother they never got to meet. Through love, grief, food, fatherhood and the often cluttered experiences that make us each who we are, Shukla shows how it’s possible to believe in hope.

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The audiobook is narrated by Himesh Patel.

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From the editor of 'The Good Immigrant' comes a memoir about life growing up in Britain, exploring racism, parenting and more, written as a letter for his daughter.