The Cutting Season: Quick Reads 2022

M. W. Craven

Crime · Great for: Less confident adult readers looking for a gripping crime story.

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A dark and twisted crime Quick Read following the beloved Poe and Tilly.

Poe’s just hanging around on a Saturday afternoon…

Dangling from a hook in a meat packing plant isn’t how Detective Sergeant Washington Poe wants to spend his weekend. He’s been punched and kicked and threatened, and when a contract killer arrives it seems things are about to go from bad to worse. He goes by the name of the Pale Man and he and his straight-edged razor have been feared all over London for twenty years.

But Poe knows two things the Pale Man doesn’t. Although it might seem like a hopeless situation, Poe has planned to be here all along. More importantly, a nerdy, computer whizz-kid called Tilly Bradshaw is watching his back. And now things are about to get interesting . . .

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M. W. Craven worked as a probation officer for sixteen years before writing his first novel. He now has entirely different motivations for trying to get inside the minds of criminals… This dark and twisted story follows Craven's popular crime cracking duo Washington Poe and Tilly Bradshaw as they track down the Pale Man..