The Black Mountain: Quick Reads 2022

Kate Mosse

Historical fiction · Great for: For less confident readers looking for history and adventure.

About this book

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A Quick Read story set in eighteenth-century Tenerife, under the shadow of a vast volcano that is on the brink of eruption . . .

It is May, 1706. Ana, a young Spanish woman, lives in a small town on the north-west coast of Tenerife with her mother and twin younger brothers. The town is in the shadow of a mighty volcano, which legend says has the devil living inside it. However, there has been no eruption for thousands of years and no one believes it is a threat.

One day, Ana notices that the air feels strange and heavy, that the birds have stopped singing. Tending the family vineyard, a sudden strange tremor in the earth frightens her. Very soon it will be a race against time for Ana to help persuade the town that they are in danger and should flee before the volcano erupts and destroys their world. Will they listen? And Ana herself faces another danger . . .

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Step into history and an intriguing town on Tenerife right next to a volcano that is about to erupt..! This book will take you on a journey into the past with drama, danger and mystery along the way. Get ready for an exciting race against time as Ana tries to save her town from destruction.