Sofia Khan and the Baby Blues: Quick Reads 2022

Ayisha Malik

Fiction · Great for: For less confident readers looking for a joyful story about modern life and family.

About this book

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From the critically acclaimed author of SOFIA KHAN IS NOT OBLIGED and THIS GREEN AND PLEASANT LAND comes a witty, whip-smart new instalment in Sofia Khan’s story . . . ‘The Muslim Bridget Jones’

Sofia Khan is going about everything the wrong way. At least, that’s what her mother, Mehnaz, thinks. Sofia is twice-divorced, homeless and – worst of all – refusing to give up on a fostered baby girl. Sofia’s just not behaving like a normal woman should.

Sofia doesn’t see it like that. She’s planning to adopt Millie, and she’s sure it’ll be worth it. (Even if it means she and Millie have to stay at Mehnaz’s place for a while.) And as Sofia finally begins to live the life she’s chosen, she finds both romance and happiness start to blossom.

But then someone comes back from the past – and not even Sofia’s own past. Suddenly, she’s faced with a choice. To do what’s best for those she loves, Sofia might have to break her own heart. And she might find herself needing the last person she expected . . .

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This books follows Ayisha Malik's much loved character Sofia who has been dubbed the 'Muslim Bridget Jones.' Here we join Sofia as she navigates life, love and the high expectations of her mother! You can find Sofia in two other books by Ayisha Malik: Sofia Khan is not Obliged and The Other Half of Happiness.