William McIlvanney

Crime · Great for: Fans of gritty crime and detective dramas

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In the beginning there was Laidlaw. The CWA Silver Dagger-winning masterpiece that launched a genre, from the godfather of Scottish crime fiction.

When a young woman is found brutally murdered in Kelvingrove Park, only one man stands a chance of finding her killer. Jack Laidlaw. He is a man of contrasts, ravaged by inner demons but driven by a deep compassion for the violent criminals in Glasgow’s underworld. But will Laidlaw’s unorthodox methods get him to the killer in time, when the victim’s father is baying for blood?

Acclaimed for its corrosive wit, dark themes and original maverick detective, the Laidlaw trilogy has earned the status of classic crime fiction.

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A classic Scottish crime novel set in 1970s Glasgow, the incredible writing in this novel will keep you hooked as you follow detective Jack Laidlaw finding the killer of a young woman.